About Us

Entrepreneurship Amirpour Agroindustrial Tavana began in 2009 with the production of grape leaves and the sale of nature tea. In 2014, it was registered as a public corporation and incorporated in companies and non-commercial companies. And in the same year, with the production of grape leaves and buns, which started diverse products, they exploited various types of ham, citrus, citrus and consulting and entrepreneurship. The company initially started with its 12 employees in its early years, which is developing its production process with 152 qualified and efficient personnel in various manufacturing sectors.
In 2017, the company utilized a new 12,000 square meter unit to meet the relevant standards in order to increase the production and diversification of its products. With experienced experts, more than 700,000 kg of grape leaves were available in good quality and at an affordable price each year. for production

Customer service is one of our main business plans and, accordingly, all our efforts to ensure customer satisfaction and good shopping experience are in the minds of our dear customers.

Tavana's management, believing in this slogan, is always the right customer, has put its quality and safety policy in place with assurance of customer satisfaction with satisfaction of quality and its impact on the life of the customer.
The following goals are considered for this purpose
Providing competitive products in domestic and foreign markets
Export the product to different countries
Annual attendance at foreign exhibitions
The production of products offered by the customer is economically feasible
Observation of the health and continuous control of production, staff and manufactured products
Continuous customer feedback and evaluate these comments for continuous improvement
Maintaining the quality of products in accordance with legal, national and customer requirements
Creating an appropriate platform for providing health advice about production lines by authorities and production operators
Implementing and maintaining the quality management system Quality assurance
Support and collaboration with scientific institutions and research projects

Tavana's manufacturing and industry management, with a commitment to the top, has committed all employees to follow the goals and objectives set out above. The importance of customer feedback is one of the company's most important programs, so Amirpour's entrepreneurship is always waiting for the suggestions and criticisms of its customers.
The company works with all Iranian grape leaf factories, such as urumada- taraghi (Glfam) – bartar- bagha (Arman Goldsht) and more.
In the field of exports, Tawana's cultural and industrial company, considering the company's policy, puts competition in foreign markets as one of its main programs, so exports to the following countries are currently being made: Canada, Sweden, America , England, France, the Netherlands, Russia, Russia, Belarus, Germany, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Turkey, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Bahrain and ...
Management History:
Bachelor of Science from Harvard University
PhD in Entrepreneurship Management
Best Iranian Entrepreneur
The largest producer of grape leaves
Best National Youth
Teacher at university
the writer
And ...